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"I had their Cowboy Fries recently and I highly recommend D & T BBQ. My new favorite food truck!!! :-)

Debbie Andrus - April 22nd, 2022

"David, all was absolutely great. Thank you so very much!"

Bill and Sally - January 1st 2017

"Just picked up some pulled pork and ribs tonight at the brewery and it was DELICIOUS! THANK YOU from a new huge fan!"

Lindsay Wilson - September 10th 2014

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I had some of your ribs at a cook-off in Whitefish, Montana this past summer and they were the greatest ribs I have ever eaten (I still think about them). Living in Milwaukee, it makes me sad to think about how far away I am from your ribs.”

Caleb Nitz - April 7th 2014

“Thank you for the amazing food yesterday..... twice!”

Stephanie Gallardi - November 23rd 2013

“My new bbq spot”

Khalif Thomas - February 20th 2013

“your food is amazing!!!!!!!! never had any better bbq”

Kerrie Howell- January 4th 2013

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